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Rehabbing Our DIY Dog Gates

Before I start, let me just say that all that mouse poop I found in the ceiling a couple weeks agoĀ had me slightly worried for a hot second this week. For a minute, I thought those jerks may have given me hantavirus. But good news, I’m alive and well and dragging Brian into doing more projects. šŸ™‚

President’s Day weekend was the perfect time for another project! Up this time, updating the DIY dog and/or baby gates that the previous homeowners left with the house.

Frodo and Ellie are relatively well behaved, but the gates are nice especially when we want to keep the dogsĀ out of theĀ basement or confined to the family room. They also are handy when friends who have kids come over: just shut the gates and let the kids have free reign!

However, theĀ previous owners never painted the gates, so they looked unfinished and the house isn’t industrial enough to pull that lookĀ off.




Because I’m basically a commercial for the product, I used Zinsser Bin PrimerĀ before painting. I promise I don’t have an unnatural affinity for this product. We’ve needed to get rid of so much wood grain in this houseĀ and Zinsser has doneĀ a decent job of hiding it.


We chose to paint the gates with Behr’s Iron MountainĀ to keep with the gate’s looking modernĀ while staying in theme with our gray walls. (BTW, gray is totally the new beige and I’m going to hate it in 10 years, right? ;)). Anyway, here’s what they look like now. I’m happy with them. And seriously, I’m so glad we have them. They’re so functional. For anyone with dogs and/or toddlers or babiesĀ I’d highly recommend DIY-ing something like this for your home.

And here’s Ellie sneaking a peak through one of the freshly-painted gates.


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  1. Carol

    So great! You are masterful at this Jason! And as for Ellie, this pic just makes me want to give her a big “‘ole ruffle her fur hug!” Love and miss you all!

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